How to Improve Your Gardens with Mulch

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Improve Your Gardens with Mulch is often misunderstood, and sometimes even the most avid gardeners aren’t aware of just how useful it can be for flower beds and gardens. There are lots of ways that you can use mulch to your advantage in your landscaping.

Why Is It Important to Add Mulch to Your Garden?


  • Helps regulate the temperature of the soil (helps keep the ground from freezing in the winter and from getting too hot in the summer)
  • helps the plants to retain more water and lessens the amount of water that evaporates from the soil
  • improves soil fertility and structure (Soil health is the MOST important part of gardening.)
  • keeps produce (e.g. cucumbers) off damp soil, therefore helping to eliminate diseases
  • helps eliminate weeds from growing in your garden beds (remember those weeds might be telling you something if they do show up)
  • creates pathways in your yard or between your beds allowing you to access the products more easily.

Different Types of Mulch for Your Garden

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There are lots of choices for different types of mulch. Some people feel super strongly about wood chips while others use their grass clippings. We started by looking into the least expensive option, and we steered clear of red mulch because it is dyed that way.

Using the Right Kind of Mulch

Not all mulches are the same, and it’s important to choose the kind of mulch that works best for your needs and the needs of your garden beds.

Look for organic mulches that are free of dyes and additives. Mulch that contains paint can suck the nitrogen out of the soil, and anything that has been dyed won’t break down as quickly, so your plants won’t be able to reap the benefits.

Organic mulch is typically made of pine, which provides excellent nutrients for plants as it breaks down.

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