Waterscape Design Services Dubai

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Overflow | Infinity Pool

Over type pools are constructed to maximize the aesthetic value of the waterbody. It can be normal overflow type with confined borders or with one edge hanging which makes it infinity type. This category of pools are to match water and surrounding levels same. It can be constructed with special requirement of the balancing tank where the extra water it store during the filtration cycle of the pool.

Olympic Pool 1

Olympic | Sports Pool

Olympic water pools are constructed to serve the purpose of swimming competition and sports. The mechanism is similar to the normal swimming pool in terms of filtration cycle, however, it is constructed in sections with different colors of tiling to indicate the border of each section. In addition colored ropes are use to limit the border. Since these pools are long with big quantity of water, therefore special attention is paid in selection of filtration and dosing system to keep it sustainable and safe.  

Kids Pool 1

Kids Pool

Kids are very fond of playing water and this allows them to enjoy as well as learn the swimming. Here the most important aspect of kids pool is that it should be safe as per the municipality recommendation of health and safety and at the same time admirable for kids.

water feature

Water Feature

The sound from the water striking the ground surface is satisfying and refreshing. Water Feature are mainly constructed to improved the overall  aesthetic look of the landscape. It could be water flowing over a wall, dropping down from the elevated structure life roof or it can be a dancing fountain. As to all the waterscapes, filtration is the compulsory system in the construction of such bodies. A better filtration does not allow algae’s to grow thus making it durable and appealing for may years to come. 


Fish Pond | Lake

When we talk about the nature, pets are the first to come in mind. Ponds are constructed with an idea to add ornamental fish to it. Aquariums and fish ponds are loaded with Amonia and Nitrogenous compounds due to the fish waste. This is overcome with the help of filtration system adequate enough to accommodate for fish load. Special attention is paid for the selection of type and size of filter so that its is cost effective, sustainable and healthy for fish.


Magnify The House With Our Highly Constructed Waterscapes

In such a rational Country, UAE, things are changing. If people build a new house or renovate the previous one, they want everything a good home should provide. It could also include all those Waterscapes facilities, including Water Features, Water Pools, or any other water construction or addition to increasing the beauty of your house.

Why Do You Need Landscape Water Features?

Having a pond, a pool, or any other beautiful spot in your house’s backyard or front yard gives you some cool vibes when you drink coffee in the evening. Or go swimming, take a bath or sit around the pond to observe nature. Things like landscape ponds and waterfalls, landscape fountains & waterfalls, backyard water features, pond designs with waterfalls, front yard landscaping with water fountain, outdoor fireplace and waterfall designs, stone water landscaping, etc., adds a more attractive look and beauty to your house and living. This also helps you stand better than your neighbors because they might wanna try building something like that after seeing yours.

What Exteriofy Landscaping Provides In Waterwise Landscaping Exteriofy Landscapers help you build your favorite additions inside your house yard. We provide our services in the building, following stuff inside your house if there is enough space.

  •         Swimming Pool Landscaping
  •         Kids Pool Landscaping
  •         Water Feature Landscaping
  •         Infinity Pool
  •         Sports Pool Landscaping
  •         pond designs with waterfalls
  •         water gardens design
  •         hardscape fountains
  •         desert landscape water features
  •         stone water landscaping
  •         modern landscape water features
  •         and more

Let us know about your exceptional expectations from us, and let us realize what you really want to build in that empty place in the backyard or front yard of your house.   We’ll convert the imaginations into reality, and that’s what our experts are good at!