Shade Structures

Fancy shades

Perforated Shade

Shades structures are of many different types mainly used for covering most sunny areas and parking lots. Perforated shades is a type of shade which allows rains and filtered light to pass through it. Solid structures on the other hand fully block sun, wind and dust, and they are more expensive than perforated knitted cloth structures. These structures are liked by most of the consumers as it allows more light to pass through it, thus making it more relaxing in the outdoor and still cost effective.

Gazebo Canopy

Solid Shades

There are some unique features of solid shade structures over the perforated shades which generally is, it does not allow water and dust to pass through it, but here is one demerit and that is it fully blocks sun light from top. However, with advancement of technology we can construct solid structures with glass or acrylic either clear or colored fitted as roof allowing light to pass through it. Solid structures are made in form of Gazebos in any geometry. Materials could be used ranging from solid outdoor grade wood to metal like; stainless steel, galvanized steel, Aluminum etc. 

Canopy structure


Canopy structures are normally stand alone structures used for seating areas and small benches. But to make the structure more aesthetically appealing different methods are used to improve the usability and function of the component. Materials like solid weather resistant cloths are beiing used to protect from sun and rain.

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