What To Consider When Designing Your Outdoor Spaces

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Nowadays, there are a lot of landscaping techniques and products available in markets which can be used by any homeowner or interior/outdoor spaces designer. Decorating your houses, buildings, offices, and villas increases the aesthetics of the place and adds comfort to life. Exteriofy is one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai providing landscape design and build services.

VERY IMPORTANT: Simply, adding plants to the outdoor space is not enough.

What you set forth is what you shall receive. Don’t just sit there passively and wait for things to work out. You’ll receive what you need this year if you achieve your vision goals.

The aim of our company is to remodel the exterior of your villa or building and provide healthy livable space. Our professional team helped many clients remodel their outdoor spaces with modern techniques. Here are the elements you should include in your vision to ensure that you have the best outdoor space!

Redesigning your space – Changing how you live in the place and how you look at it.

Creating a relaxing ambience in the place – A relaxing environment with beautiful landscaped spaces and features.

Getting a pleasing atmosphere – Redefining the overall experience of living in the place.

Adding fresh air to breathe in the place – Breathe easy and cool in the open space!

Build a lovely garden – Creating a peaceful garden in every corner.

Creating a beautiful view of greenery and flowers – Get green thumbs by adding fresh flowers and plants around your property.

Constructing calming landscapes that add charm and grace around the place – Turning your home into a soothing and peaceful space to enjoy your time in.

Getting those extra yards – Make use of the natural space of your existing buildings to get new landscapes in addition to your estate.

Make your yard a nice family playground – Set up outdoor areas that will serve as playtime tables and play equipment and playing fields for your kids.

Making your house bigger by getting attractive landscaping solutions – You never have enough room to appreciate your surroundings by hanging out all those beautiful flowers and greenery.

Landscaping is comprised of five main elements: colour, line, texture, form and shape. These elements all work together to form a beautiful landscape design. Understanding each element will help you make good landscaping decisions, so we’ve outlined the ways each element can be incorporated into your design:

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1. Colour

While all of the elements of landscaping are important, the colour might be the most essential. Colour can add dimension, visual interest, and seasonal variety to your landscaping throughout the year. Colour doesn’t just apply to the flowering plants you choose; you can also use paving, retaining walls, fences and mulch to add colour to your landscape design.



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2. Line

The line refers to both hardscape and softscape elements, but typically it refers to the more structural features in your garden. Flower beds, walkways, patio perimeters, hedges and arbours can all be used to add lines to your garden and can help to draw attention to certain areas. If you prefer a more formal look, opt for hard lines as curved lines tend to be less formal and more relaxed.




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3. Texture

In any good design, texture is key. Plants are the best way to accomplish this goal, as the leaves, bark, flowers and branches all add instant texture. However, aggregates, mulch, paving stones, retaining walls and other structural features can also add texture to your garden. Be sure to choose elements with different textures throughout your garden to add visual interest.



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4. Form

You can think of form as the shape of a plant or other structural object. The forms will be more tailored and manicured if you have a formal garden, with clipped hedges and defined lines. Informal gardens tend to have natural forms and rely less on heavy pruning and maintenance.




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5. Scale

One of the trickiest elements in landscaping design is scale. You want to have a good balance between the size of your garden elements and the size of your home, as well as surrounding homes and public areas. If you have a smaller home, consider choosing elements that are in proportion to the size of your home. A larger home may be able to incorporate larger elements.

Understanding these landscaping elements will help you design a landscape that you love! For expert help, contact Exteriofy for your design and build landscaping needs.

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