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Metallic Fence

Metal Fencing Installation

The metal fencing installation around the property line is a great way to add a personal touch to your home’s exterior. There are several advantages to metal fences for residences.

A metal fence in the UAE, Dubai is particularly useful since it is visually pleasing to any home design. Beautiful possibilities in urban and rural regions with abundant natural resources include aluminum, iron, and steel.

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Wire-mesh Fence

In addition to looking great against dark porches, decks, or pool landings, the metal gate installation with metallic finishes can be stylish when set against lighter porches, decks, or landings.

If you have an attractive metal fence, it may give your entire property a traditional look. Putting up a well-built metal fence around your premises almost always makes it look better to potential buyers, and it may even enhance its worth if you ever decide to sell.

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Wooden Fence in UAE

Wooden fences can deteriorate more quickly under extreme weather, whereas metal fences are all-weather protected. Wooden Fences are mainly used for domestic borders and separation between kids play areas. Wood fence can be stained or painted in any desired color as per the requirement, and the type of wood would generally be selected as per the application.

Modern metal fencing installation is manufactured to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Metal fences may be left untreated and unpainted for far longer than their wooden counterparts.

Chain fence

Chain & Barbed Wire Fence

Additionally, Metal fences are protected by all insects, especially termites, which completely feed on deep-buried wooden posts. But, metal fences are always safe and maintain stiffness without bending to one side. Precast concrete or metallic posts are mainly installed at the sides of highways and streets to prevent animal from entry into roads. The are cheaper and quicker to install in comparison to other types of fences.


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