Outdoor Fire Pit Design

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Outdoor Fire Pit Design And  Installation Services.

Like candles and restaurant lights, the outdoor fire pit adds an ever-visual feeling to your home more attractively. Fire pits create a fantastic experience for people who gather around its flames and feel closer to one another. Having a fire in an outdoor fire pit may make the outdoors a more inviting place to be, even when the temperature drops.

The fire pit burner is contained within a pan with a protective barrier, such as lava rocks, ceramic logs, or fireproof glass. A propane outdoor landscape design is more safe to use, as it emits little to no smoke or ash during combustion, and its temperature can be precisely managed.

You just turn it on, relax, and enjoy a night in between the stars and the fire. The propane outdoor fire pit is connected through a metal tube gas line with small holes that helps to produce propane gas at frequent intervals.


Landscaping Dubai provides the best outdoor landscape design fire pits in an affordable cost. Here, you can purchase different types of fire pits that are charcoal fire pits, Liquid ethanol fire pits, LPG gas fire pits, and more. It will enhance the beauty of your home and outdoor living places. Different types of Firepits available at Exteriofy Dubai.

1- Charcoal Firepits

2- Gas Firepits

3- Liquid Ethanol Firepits

4- LPG Gas Firepits


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