How to extend the Gardening season


We may have no control over the weather, but you’re not entirely at the mercy of the elements when it comes to your garden to Extend the Gardening Season.. There are certain improvements you can make to grow some vegetables that wouldn’t normally do well in your area.

First things first: Don’t expect miracles! You can definitely improve conditions but you can’t change the climate. No amount of watering can change a desert into a vegetable garden; however, if the average rainfall in your area is reasonable, a few hours of the watering can improve it more than you think.

Simple Strategies for Extending the Growing Gardening Season

So go ahead and try some things. It doesn’t have to be a major.

You could …

  • Plant a tender vegetable close to the south wall of your house, for example. It may not get all the sun it needs, but protection from wind and cold may help it grow where it wouldn’t grow at all in the open garden.
  • Or you could opt to use transplants. Another way to frustrate the natural temperature limitations of your local climate is by using transplants instead of seeds in spring. Transplants are young plants started from seed indoors or in a warm place and set out in the garden later. This will give you a head start on your growing season, but you can’t do it with all vegetables.
  • Other weather conditions can also affect the yields of your vegetable crops. Dry, windy days and cool night temperatures (a 10°F drop from day temperatures) can cause fruiting crops — peppers, for instance — to drop their flowers before they’re pollinated; this means you lose a lot of your crop. You can avoid it to some extent by putting up some type of windbreak to protect the crops from drying winds. There are bunch of different styles of wind barriers that you can buy and easily set up in your garden.
Extend the Gardening Season

It’s comforting to remember that although you can’t make major changes in your climate, you can certainly do a lot to help your plants make the most of their environment.

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